Crest V2

The Benefactor is identifiable through his crest.


At present the benefactor controls the vital resources of Melbourne and controls the upper class of society that still maintains law and order. That's not to say that they maintain humanity or morals; the benefactor rules as a cruel and manipulative dictator. It is very unlikely that he was elected to this position of power; mystery still surrounds his path to power and the breakdown of society.


A ruthless and cruel man, the benefactor has little respect for human life. Having as much trust for friends as he does for foes, he is suspicious of people who have or seek power. Amused by the suffering of others, he is fascinated by the actions of those who are trapped into corners; he believes that there is wisdom to be gained by the actions of those in the most desperate situations. This trait is one of the main factors that cause people to believe that the benefactor had a pivotal role in the fall of civilization, as we know it.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The benefactor is a tall, thin man with jet-black hair and streaking greys. Thin lips and low eyebrows, the benefactor appears to be a quite person with strong ideals. Dressed in dark suits and prominent coats, the clothes reflect authority and control.

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