When people are packed in to tiny rooms shoulder to shoulder, tempers run high, fights break out. You better hope you’re not stuck in the middle of it."Edit

As expected the apartment block came to be home of homeless. Each room is brimming with people, uncomfortable, anxious and scared. Fights here are not uncommon, but when they break out, they spread and have the capacity to become full scale riots.

Despite the apartment’s residents being about to come and go as they please, the apartment complex seems to appear more akin to a prison to both people living there, and people observing them. If the apartment block comes to be your home in the near future heed these words; learn to the keep your head down, your temper in check and leave as soon as you are able.

Real World EquivalentEdit

The real world equivalent of The Apartment Block is the BA building on Swinburne's Hawthorn campus.

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